Since the beginning of my career as a hair stylist I am keeping a very close eye on which hair-care products I use for my customers. I put a lot of value on high quality and environmentally friendly products.

The usage of articles without sulphates, parabens, and animal experiments enjoys top priority.

Kevin.Murphy Repair-Me.Wash & Leave-In.Repair


KEVIN.MURPHY products combine highly specialised knowledge with the best available ingredients and are therefore perfectly suited to re-style hip catwalk looks in the hairdressing salon or at home without polluting the environment.

KEVIN.MURPHY products are based on the same philosophy that is followed by high quality skin care. They do not weigh down the hair, but care for it from the root to the tips, give hold and ensure a great look. 


Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar & Moisture Balm


Davines is a salon exclusive, family-owned hair care brand which works in more than 70 countries on the basis of sustainability.

At Davines we think that a balanced life between beauty and sustainability is possible. That is what we call “sustainable beauty” and what is improving the world around us.


Davines Mask with Vibrachrom

mask with vibrachrom

The Mask collection by Davines is inspired by beauty itself. The colors are the protagonists, who show the sensuous power of obvious simplicity. They show the beauty that surprises most, as it is timeless and awakens in us the ability to dream.



Bleaching beyond borders. Olaplex ensures a particularly gentle coloration without endangering the structure.

The active ingredient in Olaplex acts as a bonding promoter and repairs and strengthens the hair permanently. The products are completely free of silicone and oil.